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100 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You by merit12(f): 4:50pm On Feb 17, 2016
This list has been compiled after years of experience with counseling people who really wanted to know whether the guy they like actually likes them back or not. This is the largest amount of data available on 'How to tell if a guy likes you'.

My list has been compiled for girls who might not be aware of these signs mentioned here. If a guy likes you then he is sure to show at least a few of these signs when he is around you or with you. Save and refer to this list anytime you want and you won't need to waste any money on a psychic reader anymore.

Most girls don't know what signs to look for in the first place hence this list was created to help you know all the common signs shown by a guy if he likes you. These 500 signs appear in clusters and in different situations. When you find one of these signs, start looking for more. Guys will usually show many of these 500 signs and if you look deeper then you will find most of them when a guy really, really likes you.

Now, that we got that out of the way, let's move on with the 500 ways to tell if a guy likes you....

1. He gives you constant attention, notices things about you, and compliments you often.

2. He tells you a lot about himself.

3. He notices and comments on the effort you put into your outfit.

4. He knows your daily schedule by heart.

5. He rubs his chin, brushes his cheek with the back of his fingers or touches his ears when your eyes first meet.

6. He thinks it's cool that you can burp louder than he can.

7. He communicates with you before your date.

8. He blew off his buddies to go see a romantic flick with you.

9. He appears jealous when you are with another guy.

10. He is there for you even when things are not smooth between you two.

11. He watches the same movie twice or even thrice just for you.

12. He tries his best to get in the good book of your close friends.

13. He tucks sweet notes under your windshield wipers to surprise you when he sees your car parked in town.

14. He tries to keep you in view for as long as possible.

15. He says the dumbest things just to keep talking with you over the phone.

16. He does not stare at your breasts all the time.

17. He maintains eye contact with you throughout your time spent together.

18. He does not step back when you stand closer to him.

19. He never seems to like guys you hang out with.

20. He asks about you to your friends when you're not around.

21. He is super nice to your friends.

22. He's going out of his way to see you.

23. He buys you a new cell phone just so you can call him anytime.

24. He includes you in his plans for the future.

25. He tells you that you look like a star.

26. He walks you to your door.

27. He takes time to choose his gifts for you.

28. He calls you several times a day.

29. He says he's sorry if he does something bad or mean to you.

30. If you are in a group, he is always beside you and talks to you more than the other people in the group.

31. He adjusts his socks around you.

32. He looks at you, then smiles and then looks away for no apparent reason.

33. He shows interest in things you do or talk about.

34. He's not ashamed to get misty-eyed when you watch a romantic flick together.

35. He says "hi" to you whenever he can.

36. He stands as close as possible to you when he is just talking with you.

37. He texts you with romantic messages every day.

38. He texts you even when he is out with his friends.

39. He finds a way to be around you or spend time with you even when he is busy.

40. He sends text messages to you - at least 2 in the morning, and 2 at night.

41. He texts to say he had a terrific time with you last night.

42. He gives you a spare key to his place.

43. His friends are extra nice to you.

44. He wants to spend more time alone with you.

45. He points his legs and body towards you when sitting.

46. He asks you out on a date again.

47. He tells you that you're pretty when you smile or toss your hair, and stuff like that.

48. He can’t really look into your eyes when he talks to you.

49. He smiles at you a lot.

50. He likes you better just as you are.

51. He tries to cheer you up when you are sad or moody.

52. He gives a more distinct smile when he talks to you then to others he talks to.

53. He goes out of his way to get you something you really like.

54. He asks you "So, are you single?".

55. He looks obviously proud when he notices other guys checking you out.

56. You catch him peeking at you and he smiles.

57. He wants to cuddle up with you after making out or having sex.

58. He texts you with a lot of smiley faces.

59. He seems very interested in your daily schedule.

60. He laughs at your jokes even if they are lame.

61. He tries to remember all the gossip that you share with him.

62. He does not just stare at your ass when you turn and walk away.

63. He takes you out on a Friday night.

64. He intentionally brushes past you at every given opportunity.

65. He accepts you just as you are - tooth, nails and all.

66. He makes it a point to be near you at often as possible.

67. He wants to share all his achievements with you.

68. He comes over with froyo and a funny video when you're majorly PMSing.

69. He wants to meet your family.

70. He shows his emotional and vulnerable side to you.

71. He asks for your phone number and then calls you the very same day.

72. He asks you out for lunch.

73. He does not move his legs if it happens to touch yours.

74. He really cares about you.

75. He acts immature around you, like poking, teasing or playful flirting.

76. He seems to always want to hang out with you.

77. He comes to you for encouragement when he feels dejected or sad.

78. He offers to pay for stuff you are buying when you go out for a walk together.

79. He stumbles and mumbles over his words when he speaks to you.

80. He thinks hard before he speaks to you especially when he comments on certain stuff.

81. He has your IM, and he chats with you when you are on or leaves a message if you are offline.

82. He can't stop thinking about you.

83. He encourages you in every important task you undertake.

84. He becomes really jealous when you are with another guy.

85. He mentions upcoming plans sending hints that he wants to be with you.

86. He says "I have a crush on you!", and then says it was just a joke.

87. He asks you, "Is anything wrong?" whenever you seem sad or blue.

88. You really feel that he likes you more than a friend.

89. He starts to wear aftershave and smells extra nice when he goes out with you.

90. He shows you his childhood photos.

91. He asks you "How do you like my new hairstyle?" as soon as he gets it.

92. He doesn't look anywhere else but deep into your eyes for every second of time he spends with you.

93. He spends most of his free time around you.

94. He remembers things you said even a couple of weeks ago.

95. He complements you at odds times, in various places.

96. He is at his best behavior when he is with you.

97. He introduces you to his family.

98. He goes out of his way to walk past you, your desk, your office, your block, etc.

99. He greets you by your name after meeting you just once.

100. He wants to see you often.

Re: 100 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You by Elosky20: 4:52pm On Feb 17, 2016
summary please
Re: 100 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You by merit12(f): 5:07pm On Feb 17, 2016
summary please

you wear glasses....
dont start with me oh
Re: 100 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You by Elosky20: 5:11pm On Feb 17, 2016

you wear glasses.... dont start with me oh
and if i start with u
Re: 100 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You by horladmejy(m): 6:39pm On Feb 17, 2016
lol only una two
Re: 100 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You by Lovelynature(m): 7:29pm On Feb 17, 2016
The 200 ways counter thread maybe on its way. Who knows
Re: 100 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You by thundafire: 7:43pm On Feb 17, 2016
hahahhahahhahahah but this one i dnt think it occurs in USA oooo

13. He tucks sweet notes under your windshield wipers to surprise you when he sees your car parked in town.
Re: 100 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You by cruzita(f): 8:05pm On Feb 17, 2016
Which naija guy get time for these things?
Re: 100 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You by Smellymouth: 8:08pm On Feb 17, 2016
Op!!! Wetin?

Re: 100 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You by Lordprez: 8:17pm On Feb 17, 2016
Forget 100 ways.... if the guy can't walk to you and say "I like you", then he doesn't shikina

Re: 100 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You by Nobody: 8:28pm On Feb 17, 2016
I beg lets hear word undecided undecided
D guy must be Jesus Christ my 1 nd only boyfriend cheesy
Re: 100 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You by AccaPack(m): 8:38pm On Feb 17, 2016
Like you is different from want you.
someone can reciprocate your likeness for him without any feelings attached undecided. Stop giving those in the friend zone any false hope. cheesy.
Re: 100 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You by Nobody: 8:40pm On Feb 17, 2016
100 ways? Like seriously? So we should study a whole textbook just to be sure a girl/dude loves us? Damn! Ain't nobody got time for BS mehhhhnnn

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