Article 1027. Agreement on commercial concession.

1. Under a commercial concession agreement, one party (right holder) undertakes to give the other party (user) for a fee for a period or without a deadline the right to use in the user's business activity a set of exclusive rights belonging to the right holder, including the right to a company name and (or) the commercial designation of the right holder, for the protected commercial information, as well as for other objects of exclusive rights stipulated by the contract - trademark, service mark etc. 2. The contract of commercial concession provides for the use of a set of exclusive rights, business reputation and commercial experience of the right holder in a certain amount (in particular, with the establishment of a minimum and (or) maximum amount of use), with or without indication of the territory of use in relation to a certain area of ​​business activity the sale of goods received from the copyright holder or produced by the user, the implementation of other trading activities, the performance of work, the provision of meadow). 3. The parties to the commercial concession agreement may be commercial organizations and citizens registered as individual entrepreneurs.

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