Article 1032. Duties of the user.

Given the nature and characteristics of the activities carried out by the user under a commercial concession agreement, the user must: to use, in the exercise of the activities provided for by the contract, the corporate name and (or) the commercial designation of the right holder in the manner specified in the contract; ensure compliance with the quality of the goods produced by them on the basis of a contract, the work performed, the services rendered to the quality of similar goods, works or services produced, performed or rendered directly by the right holder; comply with the instructions and instructions of the right holder, aimed at ensuring compliance of the nature, methods and conditions of use of the complex of exclusive rights with how it is used by the right holder, including instructions relating to the external and internal design of commercial premises used by the user in exercising the rights granted to him under the contract; render to buyers (customers) all the additional services that they could rely on, by purchasing (ordering) goods (work, services) directly from the copyright holder; not to disclose secrets of the production of the right holder and other confidential commercial information received from him; provide a specified number of subconcessions, if such an obligation is provided by the contract; inform buyers (customers) in the most obvious way for them that it uses a company name, commercial designation, trademark, service mark, or other means of individualization by virtue of the agreement of the commercial concession.

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