Article 1033. Restrictions on the rights of the parties under a commercial concession agreement.

1. A contract of commercial concession may provide for restrictions on the rights of the parties under this agreement, in particular, may be provided for; the obligation of the right holder not to grant to other persons similar complexes of exclusive rights for their use in the territory assigned to the user or to refrain from their own similar activities in this territory; the user's obligation not to compete with the copyright holder in the territory covered by the agreement on commercial concession in respect of business activities carried out by the user using exclusive rights belonging to the copyright holder; the user’s refusal to obtain under the commercial concession agreements similar rights from competitors (potential competitors) of the right holder; the user's obligation to coordinate with the copyright holder the location of commercial premises used in the exercise of the exclusive rights provided under the contract, as well as their external and internal design. Restrictive conditions may be invalidated at the request of the antimonopoly authority or other interested person, if these conditions, taking into account the state of the relevant market and the economic situation of the parties, contradict the antimonopoly legislation. 2. Such conditions, which restrict the rights of the parties under a commercial concession agreement, are insignificant, by virtue of which: the right holder has the right to determine the price of sale of the goods by the user or the price of works (services) performed (rendered) by the user, or to set the upper or lower limit of these prices; the user has the right to sell goods, perform works or render services exclusively to a certain category of buyers (customers) or exclusively to buyers (customers) having a location (residence) in a territory specified in the contract.

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