Article 1043. The common property of the partners.

1. Property contributed by the partners, which they possessed by right of ownership, as well as the products produced as a result of joint activities and the fruits and income derived from such activities are recognized as their common share ownership, unless otherwise established by law or by simple partnership agreement . The property contributed by the partners, which they had on grounds other than the right of ownership, is used in the interests of all partners and, together with the property under their common ownership, constitutes the common property of the partners. 2. Accounting of the common property of the partners may be entrusted by them to one of the legal entities participating in the simple partnership agreement. 3. The use of the common property of the partners is carried out by their general agreement, and if they fail to reach agreement in the manner established by the court. 4. The obligations of the partners in the maintenance of common property and the procedure for reimbursement of expenses related to the performance of these duties are determined by the simple partnership agreement.

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