Article 1044. Conducting the common affairs of comrades.

1. In the conduct of common affairs, each partner shall have the right to act on behalf of all the partners, unless the simple partnership agreement establishes that the business is carried out by individual participants or jointly by all parties to the simple partnership agreement. When conducting business together, each transaction requires the consent of all partners. 2. In relations with third parties, the authority of the partner to make transactions on behalf of all partners is certified by a power of attorney issued to him by the other partners, or by a simple partnership agreement, made in writing. 3. In relations with third parties, comrades may not refer to the restrictions on the rights of the partner who made the transaction to maintain the common affairs of the partners, unless they prove that at the time of the conclusion of the transaction the third party knew or should have known about the existence of such restrictions. 4. A comrade who has committed transactions on behalf of all partners in respect of which his right to conduct the common affairs of partners has been restricted or who have entered into transactions on his behalf in the interests of all partners may demand compensation for expenses incurred by him at his own expense if there were sufficient grounds to believe that these transactions were necessary in the interests of all comrades. The comrades who have suffered losses as a result of such transactions are entitled to claim their compensation. 5. Decisions concerning the common affairs of the partners shall be made by the partners by common agreement, unless otherwise provided by the simple partnership agreement.

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