Article 1063. The holding of lotteries, sweepstakes and other games by the state and municipalities or with their permission.

1. Relations between the organizers of lotteries, totalizators (mutual betting) and other risk-based games — the Russian Federation, constituent entities of the Russian Federation, municipalities, individuals, and for lotteries — legal entities that received the right to hold such games from an authorized state or municipal authority in the manner prescribed by law - and the participants of the games are based on the contract. 2. In cases stipulated by the rules of organizing games, the agreement between the organizer and the participant of the games is issued by issuing a lottery ticket, receipt or other document, as well as by other means. 3. A proposal to conclude an agreement provided for by paragraph 1 of this article should include conditions on the duration of the games and the procedure for determining the win and its amount. In the event that the organizer of the game refuses to hold them within the prescribed period, the participants of the games shall have the right to demand from their organizer compensation for the actual damage incurred due to the cancellation of the games or the transfer of their duration. 4. Persons who are recognized as winners in accordance with the terms of the lottery, totalizator or other games should be paid by the organizer of the games in the amount stipulated by the terms of the games, the form (cash or in kind) and the period, and if the period is not specified in these conditions , no later than ten days from the moment the results of the games are determined or in another period established by law. 5. In the event that the organizer of the games specified in clause 4 of this article fails to fulfill the obligations, the participant who wins the lottery, totalizator or other games is entitled to demand that the organizer of the game pay the prize, as well as compensation for damages caused by the violation of the contract by the organizer.

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