Article 1109. Unjust enrichment, non-returnable.

The following shall not be returned as unjust enrichment: 1) property transferred in fulfillment of an obligation before the maturity date, unless the obligation provides otherwise; 2) property transferred in pursuance of an obligation after the expiration of the limitation period; 3) wages and payments equal to it, pensions, allowances, scholarships, compensation for harm caused to life or health, alimony and other sums of money provided to a citizen as a means of subsistence, in the absence of bad faith on his part and a counting error; 4) monetary amounts and other property provided in pursuance of a non-existent obligation, if the acquirer proves that the person demanding the return of the property was aware of the absence of the obligation or provided the property for charity purposes. President of the Russian Federation B. Yeltsin Moscow Kremlin January 26, 1996 N 14-FZ

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