Article 1117. Unworthy heirs.

1. Citizens who by their deliberate unlawful actions directed against the testator, one of his heirs or against the last will of the testator, expressed in a will, do not inherit, either under the law or under the testament, have promoted or tried to contribute to the vocation of themselves or others. inheritance either contributed or attempted to increase the portion of the inheritance due to them or other persons, if these circumstances are confirmed in court. However, citizens to whom the testator, after losing their inheritance rights, bequeathed the property, shall have the right to inherit this property. Parents do not inherit by law after children in respect of whom parents were judicially deprived of parental rights and not restored in these rights by the day of the opening of the inheritance. 2. At the request of the interested person, the court shall exclude from inheritance, by law, citizens who have maliciously avoided fulfilling the obligations imposed on them by virtue of law by the testator. 3. A person who is not entitled to inherit or excluded from inheritance on the basis of this article (unworthy heir) is obliged to return in accordance with the rules of Chapter 60 of this Code all property unjustifiably received from the composition of the inheritance. 4. The rules of this article shall apply to heirs who have the right to an obligatory share in the inheritance. 5. The rules of this article apply accordingly to a testamentary refusal (Article 1137). In the case when the subject of a testamentary refusal was the performance of a certain work for an unworthy legatee or the provision of a certain service to him, the latter is obliged to reimburse the heir who performed the testamentary refusal of the cost of work performed for the unworthy legatee.

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