Article 1128. Testamentary dispositions of cash rights in banks.

1. The rights to funds deposited by a citizen or deposited on any other citizen account with a bank may be at the discretion of the citizen bequeath either in the manner provided for in Articles 1124 - 1127 of this Code, or by making a will in writing in that branch the bank in which this account is located. With respect to funds held in the account, such a testamentary disposition has the power of a notarized will. 2. A testamentary disposition of cash rights in a bank must be personally signed by the testator with the date of its compilation and certified by an employee of the bank who has the right to accept customer orders for execution of funds in his account. The procedure for making testamentary dispositions in cash at banks is determined by the Government of the Russian Federation. 3. Rights to monetary funds in respect of which a testamentary disposition was made at the bank are included in the inheritance structure and are inherited on a general basis in accordance with the rules of this Code. These funds are issued to heirs on the basis of the certificate of the right to inheritance and in accordance with it, with the exception of cases provided for by paragraph 3 of Article 1174 of this Code. 4. The rules of this Article shall apply respectively to other credit organizations that are granted the right to attract deposits from citizens or other accounts.

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