Article 1149. The right to an obligatory share in the inheritance.

1. Minors or disabled children of the testator, his disabled spouses and parents, as well as disabled dependents of the testator, who are subject to vocation for inheritance on the basis of clauses 1 and 2 of Article 1148 of this Code, inherit, regardless of the content of the will, at least half of the share due to each of they are inherited by law (mandatory share). 2. The right to an obligatory share in inheritance is satisfied from the remaining unresolved part of the hereditary property, even if it leads to a reduction in the rights of other heirs by law to this part of the property, and if the unestablished part of the property is not sufficient to exercise the right to an obligatory share, which is bequeathed. 3. A compulsory share shall include everything that a heir who has the right to such a share receives from the inheritance for any reason, including the value of the testamentary refusal established in favor of such heir. 4. If the realization of the right to an obligatory share in inheritance entails the impossibility to transfer to the heir under the will property that the heir who has the right to an obligatory share did not use during the life of the testator, and the heir to bequest used for living (house, apartment, other residential premises, dachas and the like) or used as the main source of livelihood (tools, creative workshop, etc.), the court may, taking into account the property status of the heirs, having the right to an obligatory share, to reduce the size of an obligatory share or to refuse to award it.

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