Article 1152. Acceptance of inheritance.

1. To acquire an inheritance, the heir must accept it. Acquisition of inheritance is not required for the acquisition of property of the escheat (article 1151). 2. The acceptance by the heir of a part of the inheritance means the acceptance of the entire inheritance due to him, whatever it is and wherever it is. When a heir is called to inherit simultaneously for several reasons (by will and by law or in the order of hereditary transmission and as a result of opening the inheritance, etc.), the heir may accept the inheritance due to one of these reasons, for several of them or for all reasons . Acceptance of inheritance is not allowed under the condition or with reservations. 3. Acceptance of inheritance by one or several heirs does not mean acceptance of inheritance by other heirs. 4. Accepted inheritance shall be recognized as belonging to the heir from the date of opening of the inheritance, regardless of the time of its actual acceptance, and also regardless of the moment of state registration of the right of the heir to inherited property when such right is subject to state registration.

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