Article 1156. Transfer of the right to accept inheritance (hereditary transmission).

1. If the heir, called for inheritance by will or by law, died after the opening of the inheritance, not having time to accept it within the prescribed period, the right to accept the inheritance due to him passes to his heirs by law, and if all hereditary property was bequeathed to him heirs by will (hereditary transmission). The right to accept an inheritance by way of a hereditary transmission is not part of the inheritance that opened after the death of such an heir. 2. The right to accept an inheritance that belonged to a deceased heir may be exercised by his heirs on a general basis. If the remaining part of the term set for accepting an inheritance after the death of the heir is less than three months, it is extended to three months. Upon the expiration of the period established for accepting an inheritance, the heirs of the deceased heir may be recognized by the court as accepting the inheritance in accordance with Article 1155 of this Code, if the court finds good reasons for missing the deadline. 3. The right of the heir to accept a part of the inheritance as a compulsory share (Article 1149) does not pass to his heirs.

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