Article 1172. Measures for the protection of inheritance.

1. To protect the inheritance, the notary makes an inventory of the estate in the presence of two witnesses who meet the requirements established by paragraph 2 of Article 1124 of this Code. When making an inventory of property, a testament executor, heirs and, in appropriate cases, representatives of the guardianship and trusteeship body may be present. According to the statement of the persons specified in paragraph two of this clause, the inheritance property shall be assessed by agreement between the heirs. In the absence of an agreement, the assessment of inherited property or that part of it in respect of which an agreement has not been reached is made by an independent appraiser at the expense of the person requesting the assessment of the inherited property, with the subsequent distribution of these expenses among the heirs in proportion to the value of each inheritance received. 2. The cash included in the inheritance is deposited in a notary's deposit, and currency values, precious metals and stones, goods made of them and securities not requiring management are transferred to the bank for safekeeping under the contract in accordance with article 921 of this Code. 3. If it became known to the notary that a weapon is part of the inheritance, he shall notify the internal affairs bodies accordingly. 4. The property that is part of the inheritance and not specified in paragraphs 2 and 3 of this article, if it does not require management, shall be transferred by a notary under the storage agreement to someone from the heirs, and if it is impossible to transfer it to the heirs, to another person at the discretion of the notary. In the case when inheritance is carried out under a will in which the executor of the will is appointed, the storage of the specified property is provided by the executor of the will independently or by means of concluding a storage agreement with one of the heirs or another person at the discretion of the executor of the will.

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