Article 1175. Responsibility of heirs for the debts of the testator.

1. The heirs who have accepted the inheritance shall be liable for the debts of the testator jointly and severally (Article 323). Each of the heirs is responsible for the debts of the testator within the value of the inherited property transferred to him. 2. The heir who accepted the inheritance in the order of hereditary transmission (Article 1156) is responsible within the limits of the value of this inherited property for the debts of the testator to whom this property belonged, and does not respond with this property for the debts of the heir from whom the right to accept the inheritance passed. 3. Lenders of the testator shall have the right to submit their claims to the heirs who accepted the inheritance within the limitation periods established for the respective claims. Prior to accepting inheritance, creditors' claims may be submitted to the executor of the will or to hereditary property. In the latter case, the court suspends the proceedings until the inheritance is accepted by the heirs or the transfer of the escheated property in the order of succession to the Russian Federation. Upon presentation of claims by the lenders of the testator, the limitation period established for the respective claims is not subject to interruption, suspension and restoration.

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