Article 1179. Inheritance of property of a member of a peasant (farm) economy.

1. After the death of any member of the peasant (farm) economy, the inheritance is opened and inheritance is carried out on a general basis, while respecting the rules of Articles 253-255 and 257-259 of this Code. 2. If the heir of a deceased member of a peasant (farm) economy is not himself a member of this farm, he shall have the right to receive compensation commensurate with the share inherited by him in property that is in common ownership of members of the farm. The deadline for the payment of compensation is determined by the agreement of the heir with members of the household, and in the absence of agreement by the court, but may not exceed one year from the date of opening the inheritance. In the absence of an agreement between the members of the holding and the said heir about another, the share of the testator in this property is considered to be equal to the shares of other members of the holding. In case of acceptance of the heir to the farm members, the specified compensation is not paid to him. 3. In the case when, after the death of a member of a peasant (farm) farm, this farm is terminated (clause 1 of article 258 of article 258 and 1182 of this Code).

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