Article 1180. Inheritance of things with limited turnover.

1. Weapons belonging to the testator, potent and poisonous substances, narcotic and psychotropic drugs and other items with limited circulation (paragraph 2 of clause 2 of article 129) are included in the inheritance and are inherited on the general basis established by this Code. Acceptance of inheritance, which includes such things, does not require a special permit. 2. Measures for the protection of the things that are part of the inheritance of the limited turnoverable property until the heir receives a special permit for these things shall be carried out in compliance with the procedure established by law for the relevant property. If the heir refuses to issue the said permit, his ownership of such property shall be subject to termination in accordance with Article 238 of this Code, and the amounts received from the sale of the property shall be transferred to the heir minus the costs of its implementation.

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