Article 1183. Inheritance of unpaid amounts provided to a citizen as a means of livelihood.

1. The right to receive payables to the testator, but not received by him during his lifetime for any reason the amounts of wages and payments equal to it, pensions, scholarships, social insurance benefits, compensation for harm caused to life or health, alimony and other financial the amounts provided to the citizen as a means of subsistence belongs to the residents of the family of the deceased, as well as his disabled dependents, regardless of whether they lived with the dead or did not live. 2. Claims for the payment of amounts under paragraph 1 of this article shall be made to the obligated persons within four months from the date of opening the inheritance. 3. If there are no persons who have the right to receive amounts not paid to the testator under clause 1 of this article, or if these persons fail to pay the said amounts within the prescribed period, the corresponding amounts are included in the inheritance and are inherited on general grounds established by this Code .

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