Article 1191. Establishment of the content of the norms of foreign law.

1. When applying a foreign law, the court shall establish the content of its norms in accordance with their official interpretation, practice of application and doctrine in the relevant foreign state. 2. In order to establish the content of the norms of foreign law, the court may apply in the prescribed manner for assistance and clarification to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and other competent bodies or organizations in the Russian Federation and abroad or to attract experts. The persons participating in the case may submit documents confirming the content of the norms of foreign law to which they refer in support of their claims or objections, and otherwise assist the court in establishing the content of these norms. According to the requirements related to the implementation by the parties of entrepreneurial activity, the burden of proving the content of the norms of foreign law may be imposed by the court on the parties. 3. If the content of the norms of foreign law, despite the measures taken in accordance with this article, has not been established within a reasonable time, Russian law shall apply.

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