Article 1202. Personal law of a legal entity.

1. The personal law of a legal entity is considered to be the law of the country where the legal entity is established. 2. Based on the personal law of a legal entity, it is determined, in particular: 1) the status of the organization as a legal entity; 2) the legal form of the legal entity; 3) requirements for the name of the legal entity; 4) issues of creation, reorganization and liquidation of a legal entity, including issues of succession; 5) the content of the legal capacity of the legal entity; 6) the procedure for the acquisition by a legal entity of civil rights and the assumption of civil obligations; 7) internal relations, including relations of a legal entity with its participants; 8) the ability of a legal entity to meet its obligations. 3. A legal entity may not refer to the limitation of the powers of its body or representative to make a transaction, unknown to the law of the country in which the body or representative of the legal person made the transaction, unless it is proved that the other party to the transaction knew or knowingly had to Be aware of this restriction.

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