Article 149. Non-documentary securities.

1. In cases specified by law or in accordance with the procedure established by him, a person who has received a special license may fix the rights secured by a registered or order security, including in book-entry form (using electronic computer equipment, etc. ). To such a form of fixation of rights, the rules established for securities shall apply, unless otherwise following from the peculiarities of fixation. A person who has recorded the right in a non-documentary form is obliged, at the request of the holder of the right, to issue him a document certifying the fixed right. The rights certified by the specified fixation, the procedure for the official fixation of rights and right holders, the procedure for documentary confirmation of records and the procedure for conducting transactions with non-documentary securities are determined by law or in the procedure established by it. 2. Transactions with non-documentary securities can be performed only when referring to a person who officially makes recordings of rights. The transfer, granting and restriction of rights must be officially recorded by this person, who is responsible for maintaining the official records, ensuring their confidentiality, submitting the correct data on such records, and making official records about the operations performed.

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