Article 184. Commercial Representation.

1. A commercial representative is a person who constantly and independently represents on behalf of entrepreneurs when they enter into contracts in the field of entrepreneurial activity. 2. The simultaneous commercial representation of different parties in a transaction is allowed with the consent of these parties and in other cases provided by law. At the same time, a commercial representative is obliged to execute instructions given to him with the care of an ordinary entrepreneur. A commercial representative has the right to demand payment of the stipulated remuneration and reimbursement of expenses incurred by him when executing the order from the parties to the contract in equal shares, unless otherwise provided by agreement between them. 3. Commercial representation is carried out on the basis of an agreement concluded in writing and indicating the powers of the representative, and in the absence of such instructions, also a power of attorney. A commercial representative is obliged to keep secret the information about commercial transactions that has become known to him even after the execution of the order given to him. 4. Features of commercial representation in certain areas of business are established by law and other legal acts.

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