Article 187. Redelegation.

1. The person to whom the power of attorney is issued must personally perform those actions for which it is authorized. It may transfer the commission of their commission to another person, if authorized by a power of attorney or forced by circumstances to protect the interests of the issuer of the power of attorney. 2. The person who transferred the authority to another person must notify the issuer of the power of attorney and give him the necessary information about the person to whom the authority has been transferred. Failure to fulfill this duty imposes on the delegate the responsibility for the actions of the person to whom he transferred the powers, as for his own. 3. The power of attorney issued in accordance with the procedure for the transfer of powers of attorney must be notarized, with the exception of cases provided for by paragraph 4 of Article 185 of this Code. 4. The term of validity of a power of attorney issued by way of a transfer of powers may not exceed the term of validity of the power of attorney on the basis of which it was issued.

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