Article 2. Relations regulated by civil law.

1 relations based on equality, autonomy of will and property independence of their participants. Participants in regulated by civil law relations are citizens and legal entities. The Russian Federation, the subjects of the Russian Federation and the municipalities may also participate in relations regulated by civil law (Article 124). Civil law regulates relations between persons engaged in entrepreneurial activity, or with their participation, on the assumption that entrepreneurial activity is an independent activity performed at one's own risk, aimed at systematically receiving profit from using property, selling goods, performing work or providing services registered in this quality in the manner prescribed by law. The rules established by civil law apply to relations with the participation of foreign citizens, stateless persons and foreign legal entities, unless otherwise provided by federal law. 2. Inalienable rights and freedoms of a person and other intangible benefits shall be protected by civil law, unless otherwise following from the essence of these intangible benefits. 3. The civil law does not apply to property relations based on administrative or other authority subordination of one party to the other, including tax and other financial and administrative relations, unless otherwise provided by law.

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