Article 202. Suspension of the limitation period.

1. The limitation period shall be suspended: 1) if an extraordinary and unavoidable circumstance under the given conditions (force majeure) prevented the filing of a claim; 2) if the claimant or the defendant is in the Armed Forces transferred to martial law; 3) by virtue of a delay in the fulfillment of obligations established by the Government of the Russian Federation (moratorium); 4) by virtue of the suspension of the law or other legal act regulating the relevant attitude. 2. The limitation period shall be suspended provided that the circumstances specified in this article arose or continued to exist in the last six months of the limitation period, and if this period is six months or less than six months - during the limitation period. 3. From the day of the termination of the circumstance that served as the basis for the suspension of limitation, the duration of its term shall continue. The remaining part of the term is extended to six months, and if the limitation period is six months or less than six months - before the limitation period.

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