Article 218. Grounds for the acquisition of property rights.

1. The right of ownership to a new thing, manufactured or created by a person for himself in compliance with the law and other legal acts, shall be acquired by this person. Ownership of the fruits, products, income derived from the use of property is acquired on the grounds provided for in Article 136 of this Code. 2. Ownership of property that has an owner may be acquired by another person on the basis of a contract of sale, barter, donation or other transaction for the alienation of this property. In the event of the death of a citizen, the ownership of the property belonging to him is transferred by inheritance to other persons in accordance with a will or law. In the case of reorganization of a legal entity, the ownership of the property belonging to it passes to legal entities - the successors of the reorganized legal entity. 3. In the cases and in the manner provided for by this Code, a person may acquire the right of ownership to property that does not have an owner, to property whose owner is unknown, or to property that the owner refused or to which he lost the right of ownership for other reasons, prescribed by law. 4. A member of a housing, housing construction, summer cottage, garage or other consumer cooperative, other persons entitled to accumulations who have fully paid their share for an apartment, cottage, garage, other premises provided to these persons by a cooperative, acquire ownership of the said property.

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