Article 222. Unauthorized construction.

1. Unauthorized construction is a dwelling house, other building, structure or other immovable property created on a land plot not allocated for these purposes in the manner prescribed by law and other legal acts, or created without obtaining the necessary permits or with a significant violation of urban planning. and building codes. 2. A person who has unauthorized construction, does not acquire the right of ownership to it. It does not have the right to dispose of the building - to sell, donate, rent, lease, and carry out other transactions. Unauthorized construction is subject to demolition by the person who carried it out or at his expense, except as provided for by paragraph 3 of this article. 3. Ownership of unauthorized construction can be recognized by the court, and in cases provided by law, in another manner prescribed by law, the person in the property, life inherited possession, permanent (termless) use of which is the land plot where the construction was carried out. In this case, the person for whom the title to the building is recognized shall reimburse the person who made it for the construction costs in the amount determined by the court. The right of ownership to an unauthorized building cannot be recognized for the said person if the preservation of the building violates the rights and legally protected interests of other persons or creates a threat to the life and health of citizens.

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