Article 225. Ownerless Things

1. A thing is ownerless which has no owner or whose owner is unknown, or a thing from which the owner has refused ownership. 2. If this is not excluded by the rules of this Code on the acquisition of the right of ownership of things that the owner refused (article 226), on the find (articles 227 and 228), on stray animals (articles 230 and 231) and treasure (article 233), Ownership of ownerless movables can be acquired by acquisitive prescription. 3. Ownerless immovables shall be registered by the body that carries out state registration of the right to immovable property, upon the application of the local government body in whose territory they are located. After one year from the date of the registration of the ownerless immovable, the body authorized to manage the municipal property may apply to the court for recognition of the right of municipal ownership of this thing. An ownerless immovable thing not recognized by a court decision entered into municipal ownership may be re-taken into possession, use and disposal of the owner who left it or acquired into ownership due to acquisitive prescription.

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