Article 226. Movable things that the owner refused.

1. Movable things abandoned by the owner or otherwise left by him in order to renounce the right of ownership to them (abandoned things) may be turned by other persons into their property in the manner provided for by paragraph 2 of this article. 2. A person who owns, owns or uses a land plot, a water body or another object where an abandoned thing is located, the cost of which is clearly lower than the amount corresponding to a fivefold minimum wage, or abandoned scrap of metals, defective products, alloy fuels , dumps and plums generated during the extraction of minerals, production waste and other waste, has the right to turn these things into their own property, having started their use or having performed other actions testifying to handling things in the property. Other abandoned things shall come into the ownership of the person who has taken possession of them, if, on the application of this person, they are recognized by the court as ownerless.

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