Article 227. Find.

1. The finder of the lost thing is obliged to immediately notify the person who lost it, or the owner of the thing or someone else known to him who has the right to receive it, and return the found thing to that person. If a thing is found indoors or on transport, it must be handed over to a person representing the owner of the premises or means of transport. In this case, the person to whom the find was handed over, acquires rights and bears the duties of the person who has found the thing. 2. If the person who has the right to demand the return of the found thing, or his place of stay is unknown, the finder of the thing must declare the find to the police or local government. 3. The finder of the thing has the right to keep it in his possession or to deposit it with the police, local government body or the person indicated by them. A perishable thing or thing, the costs of storage of which are incommensurably large compared to its value, can be realized by the finder of the thing with the receipt of written evidence certifying the amount of revenue. The money raised from the sale of the item found is refundable to the person entitled to receive it. 4. The finder of the thing is responsible for its loss or damage only in case of intent or gross negligence and within the limits of the value of the thing.

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