Article 234. Acquisition of prescription.

1. A person - a citizen or a legal entity - who is not the owner of the property, but in good faith, openly and continuously owning as his own real estate property for fifteen years or other property for five years, acquires the right of ownership of this property (acquisitive prescription). The right of ownership of immovable and other property subject to state registration arises from the person who acquired this property by virtue of acquisitive prescription from the time of such registration. 2. Prior to acquiring ownership of a property by virtue of acquisitive prescription, a person who owns property as his own has the right to protect his possession against third parties who are not owners of the property, as well as who do not have the right to own it otherwise provided by law or contract grounds. 3. A person who refers to the prescription of possession may add to the time of his possession all the time during which this property was owned by the one whose legal successor this person is. 4. The course of the period of acquisitive prescription with respect to things held by a person from whose possession they could be claimed in accordance with Articles 301 and 305 of this Code begins no earlier than the expiration of the period of limitation of time for the relevant requirements.

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