Article 238. Termination of the right of ownership of a person to property that cannot belong to him.

1. If, on the grounds allowed by law, the property turned out to be property that, by virtue of the law, cannot belong to him, this property must be alienated by the owner within a year from the moment the ownership of the property arises, unless a different period is established by law. 2. In cases where the property is not alienated by the owner within the time specified in paragraph 1 of this article, such property, taking into account its nature and purpose, by a court decision issued at the request of a state or local government body, is subject to compulsory sale with transfer to the former the owner of the proceeds or transfer to state or municipal property with compensation to the former owner of the value of the property determined by the court. In this case, the costs of alienation of property are deducted. 3. If, on the grounds allowed by law, the property of a citizen or a legal entity turns out to be a thing, the acquisition of which requires a special permit, and is refused to be issued to the owner, this thing is subject to alienation in the manner prescribed for property that cannot be owned by that owner.

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