Article 239. Alienation of immovable property in connection with the seizure of the land on which it is located.

1. In cases when the withdrawal of a land plot for state or municipal needs or in view of the inappropriate use of land is impossible without the termination of the ownership of buildings, structures or other immovable property located on this plot, this property may be withdrawn from the owner by the state buying back or selling from public auction in accordance with the procedure provided for, respectively, Articles 279 - 282 and 284 - 286 of this Code. The claim on seizure of immovable property is not subject to satisfaction unless the state body or local self-government body that has filed a claim with the court proves that using the land plot for the purposes for which it is withdrawn is impossible without termination of the right of ownership of the immovable property. 2. The rules of this Article shall apply accordingly when termination of the right of ownership of immovable property in connection with the withdrawal of mining allotments, water areas and other areas on which the property is located.

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