Article 256. The common property of spouses.

1. The property acquired by the spouses during the marriage is their joint property, unless a different regime of this property is established by an agreement between them. 2. The property belonging to each of the spouses before marriage, as well as received by one of the spouses during the marriage as a gift or by way of inheritance, is his property. Personal belongings (clothing, shoes, etc.), with the exception of jewels and other luxury goods, although acquired during the marriage at the expense of the common means of the spouses, are recognized as the property of the spouse who used them. The property of each spouse can be recognized as their joint property if it is established that during the marriage, the common property of the spouses or the personal property of the other spouse made investments that significantly increase the value of this property (major repairs, renovations, re-equipment, etc. ). This rule does not apply if the contract between the spouses provides otherwise. 3. According to the obligations of one of the spouses, a penalty may be levied only on the property in his ownership, as well as on his share in the common property of the spouses, which would be due to him when dividing this property. 4. The rules for determining the shares of spouses in common property when it is divided and the procedure for such a section shall be established by the legislation on marriage and the family.

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