Article 292. The rights of family members of owners of residential premises.

1. The family members of the owner who live in the residential premises belonging to him have the right to use this premises under the conditions stipulated by the housing legislation. Capable members of the family of the owner, living in the living quarters belonging to him, are jointly and severally liable with the owner for obligations arising from the use of the living space. 2. The transfer of ownership of a dwelling house or apartment to another person is the basis for the termination of the right to use a dwelling place by family members of the former owner, unless otherwise provided by law. 3. Family members of the owner of the dwelling may require the elimination of violations of their rights to the dwelling from any person, including the owner of the premises. 4. Alienation of a dwelling in which members of the family of the owner of a given dwelling living under guardianship or guardianship or minors of the owner’s family who remain without parental care (as is known to the guardianship authority) reside where the rights or legally protected interests of said persons Allowed with the consent of the guardianship authority.

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