Article 37. Disposal of property of the ward.

1. The income of the ward citizen, including the income due to the ward from the management of his property, with the exception of income that the ward has the right to manage independently, is spent by the guardian or trustee solely in the interests of the ward and with the prior permission of the guardianship authority. Without prior permission of the body of guardianship and guardianship, the guardian or curator is entitled to incur expenses necessary for the maintenance of the ward at the expense of the sums due to the ward as his income. 2. A guardian shall not have the right to perform without the prior permission of the guardianship and trusteeship body, and the trustee does not give consent to making transactions for the alienation, including the exchange or donation of the property of the ward, his lease (for rent), free use or pledge, transactions , entailing the waiver of rights belonging to the ward, the division of his property or the separation of shares from it, as well as any other transactions entailing a decrease in the property of the ward. The procedure for managing the property of the ward is determined by law. 3. A guardian, trustee, their spouses and close relatives are not entitled to conclude transactions with the trust, except for transferring property to the trust as a gift or for free use, and also represent the trust when entering into transactions or litigation between the trust and the spouse of the guardian or custodian and their close relatives.

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