Article 408. Termination of an Obligation by Performance

1. Proper performance shall terminate the obligation. 2. The creditor, accepting performance, is obliged, upon the demand of the debtor, to issue him a receipt in the receipt of the performance in full or in the relevant part. If the debtor has issued a debt document to the creditor to certify the obligation, the creditor, accepting the execution, must return this document, and if it is impossible to return, indicate this in the receipt issued to them. The receipt may be replaced by an inscription on the returned debt document. The finding of a debt document with the debtor shall certify, unless otherwise proved, the termination of the obligation. If the creditor refuses to issue a receipt, return the debt document or mark the receipt of the impossibility of his return, the debtor has the right to delay the execution. In these cases, the lender is considered late.

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