Article 421. Freedom of contract.

1. Citizens and legal entities are free to enter into a contract. A compulsion to conclude an agreement is not allowed, except for cases when the obligation to enter into an agreement is provided for by this Code, a law or an obligation voluntarily accepted. 2. The parties may conclude an agreement, both provided for and not stipulated by law or other legal acts. 3. The parties may conclude a contract containing elements of various contracts provided for by law or other legal acts (mixed contract). The relations of the parties under a mixed contract are applied in the relevant parts of the rules on contracts, the elements of which are contained in the mixed contract, unless otherwise follows from the agreement of the parties or the substance of the mixed contract. 4. The terms of the contract are determined at the discretion of the parties, except when the content of the relevant condition is prescribed by law or other legal acts (Article 422). In cases when the condition of the contract is stipulated by the norm, which is applied to the extent that the agreement of the parties does not establish otherwise (the dispositive norm), the parties may by their agreement exclude its use or establish a condition different from that provided for in it. In the absence of such an agreement, the condition of the contract is determined by the dispositive rule. 5. If the condition of the contract is not determined by the parties or the dispositive norm, the relevant conditions are determined by the customs of business turnover applicable to the relations of the parties.

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