Article 426. Public Contract.

1. A public contract is a contract entered into by a commercial organization and establishing its obligations to sell goods, perform works or provide services that such an organization, by the nature of its activities, must carry out in relation to everyone who applies to it (retail, transportation by public transport, communication services, power supply, medical, hotel services, etc.). A commercial organization does not have the right to give preference to one person over another in relation to the conclusion of a public contract, except as required by law and other legal acts. 2. The price of goods, works, and services, as well as other conditions of a public contract, shall be the same for all consumers, unless the law and other legal acts allow the provision of privileges for certain categories of consumers. 3. The refusal of a commercial organization to conclude a public contract in the presence of the opportunity to provide the consumer with relevant goods, services, to perform for him the relevant work is not allowed. In case of unjustified evasion of a commercial organization from concluding a public contract, the provisions provided for by paragraph 4 of Article 445 of this Code shall apply. 4. In cases provided for by law, the Government of the Russian Federation may issue rules that are binding on the parties when entering into and executing public contracts (model contracts, regulations, etc.). 5. Terms of a public contract that do not meet the requirements established by clauses 2 and 4 of this article shall be void.

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