Article 428. Treaty of Accession.

1. A contract of accession is an agreement, the terms of which are determined by one of the parties in the forms or other standard forms and could be accepted by the other party only by acceding to the proposed agreement as a whole. 2. A party to a contract has the right to demand termination or amendment of the contract if the contract of adherence, while not contrary to law and other legal acts, deprives this party of the rights normally provided under contracts of this type, excludes or limits the liability of the other party for breach of obligations or contains other obviously burdensome conditions for the joining party, which it would not accept from its rationally understood interests if it had the opportunity to participate in the determination ii terms of the contract. 3. In the circumstances provided for in paragraph 2 of this article, the requirement to terminate or amend the contract submitted by the party to the contract in connection with the conduct of its business activities shall not be satisfied if the acceding party knew or should have known conditions concludes the contract.

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