Article 430. The contract in favor of a third party.

1. A contract in favor of a third party is a contract in which the parties have established that the debtor is obliged to perform not to the creditor, but to a third party specified or not specified in the contract, who has the right to demand from the debtor to fulfill the obligation in his favor. 2. Unless otherwise provided by law, other legal acts or a contract, from the moment a third person expresses its intent to the debtor to exercise its right under the contract, the parties cannot terminate or amend the contract they have entered into without the consent of the third party. 3. The debtor in the contract shall have the right to make objections against the third party’s claims, which he could put forward against the creditor. 4. In the case when a third party relinquishes the right granted to him under the contract, the creditor may exercise this right if it does not contradict the law, other legal acts and the contract.

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