Article 451. Amendment and termination of the contract due to a significant change in circumstances.

1. A significant change in the circumstances from which the parties proceeded at the conclusion of the contract is the basis for its change or termination, unless otherwise provided by the contract or follows from its essence. A change of circumstances is considered significant when they have changed so much that if the parties could reasonably foresee this, the contract would not have been concluded by them at all or would have been concluded on significantly different conditions. 2. If the parties have not reached an agreement on bringing the contract into conformity with substantially changed circumstances or on its termination, the contract may be terminated, and on the grounds provided for by paragraph 4 of this article, the court modified it at the request of the interested party if the following conditions were present: 1) at the time of the conclusion of the contract, the parties proceeded from the fact that such a change in circumstances will not occur; 2) the change of circumstances is caused by reasons that the interested party could not overcome after they arose with the degree of care and diligence that was required of it according to the nature of the contract and the terms of turnover; 3) the execution of the contract without changing its conditions would violate so much the parity of the property interests of the parties that correspond to the contract and would cause such damage to the interested party that it would largely lose what it was entitled to expect when concluding the contract; 4) it does not follow from the customs of business turnover or the essence of the contract that the risk of a change in circumstances is borne by the interested party. 3. When a contract is terminated due to substantially changed circumstances, the court, at the request of either of the parties, determines the consequences of the contract termination, based on the need for a fair distribution among the parties of expenses incurred by them in connection with the execution of this contract. 4. A contract change in connection with a significant change in circumstances is allowed by a court decision in exceptional cases when termination of the contract is contrary to the public interest or entails damage to the parties that far exceeds the costs necessary to execute the contract under the conditions amended by the court.

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