Article 572. The contract of donation.

1. Under a donation contract, one party (donor) donates or undertakes to transfer to another party (donee) the property or property right (claim) to himself or to a third party or exempts or undertakes to release it from property obligation to himself or to a third party. . If there is a counter-transfer of a thing or a right or a counter-obligation, the contract is not recognized as a gift. The rules provided for by paragraph 2 of Article 170 of this Code shall apply to such a contract. 2. A promise to donate a thing or property right free of charge to someone or release someone from property obligation (promise of donation) is recognized as a donation agreement and binds the promiseor if the promise is made in the proper form (Article 574 paragraph 2) and contains a clear intention to commit future free transfer of property or rights to a particular person or release him from his property obligation. A promise to donate all your property or a part of all your property without specifying a specific gift item in the form of a thing, a right or an exemption from the obligation is void. 3. A contract providing for the transfer of a gift to a donee after the death of the donor is void. The rules of civil law on inheritance apply to such donations.

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