Article 576. Restrictions on donations.

1. A legal entity to whom a thing belongs under the right of economic management or operational management is entitled to donate it with the consent of the owner, unless otherwise provided by law. This restriction does not apply to ordinary gifts of low value. 2. Donation of property in common joint ownership is allowed with the consent of all the participants in joint ownership in compliance with the rules provided for by Article 253 of this Code. 3. The donation of the right of claim belonging to the donor to a third party shall be subject to the rules provided for in Articles 382-386, 388 and 389 of this Code. 4. Donation by means of the execution of the donee to his third person is subject to the rules provided for by paragraph 1 of Article 313 of this Code. The donation by transferring the donor’s debt to a third person to the third party is carried out in compliance with the rules provided for in Articles 391 and 392 of this Code. 5. A power of attorney to make a gift by a representative in which the donee is not named and the subject of the gift is not specified is void.

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