Article 578. Cancellation of a gift.

1. A donor has the right to cancel a donation if the donee has committed an attempt on his life, the life of one of his family members or close relatives, or has deliberately caused the donor injuries. In the event of the intentional deprivation of the donor’s life, the right to demand that the donation be canceled in a court belongs to the heirs of the donor. 2. A donor shall have the right to demand in court to abolish the donation, if the treatment of the donee with a donated item that represents a great non-property value for the donor poses a threat to its irretrievable loss. 3. At the request of the interested person, the court may cancel a gift made by an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity in violation of the provisions of the law on insolvency (bankruptcy) at the expense of funds related to its business activities within six months preceding the declaration of such person insolvent (bankrupt). 4. The donation contract may stipulate the right of the donor to cancel the donation in case he outlives the donee. 5. In case of cancellation of a gift, the donee is obliged to return the donated item if it was kept in kind at the time of the cancellation of the gift.

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