Article 582. Donations.

1. A donation is a gift of a thing or right for generally useful purposes. Donations can be made to citizens, medical, educational institutions, institutions of social protection and other similar institutions, charitable, scientific and educational institutions, foundations, museums and other cultural institutions, public and religious organizations, as well as the state and other subjects of civil law specified in the article 124 of this Code. 2. To accept a donation does not require anyone's permission or consent. 3. Donation of property to a citizen must be, and to legal entities may be due to the donor the use of this property for a specific purpose. In the absence of such a condition, donation of property to a citizen is considered an ordinary gift, and in other cases donated property is used by the donee in accordance with the purpose of the property. A legal entity accepting a donation, for the use of which a specific purpose has been established, must keep separate records of all operations for the use of donated property. 4. If the use of donated property in accordance with the purpose indicated by the donor becomes impossible due to changed circumstances, it can be used for another purpose only with the consent of the donor, and in the event of the death of the donor citizen or liquidation of the legal person - donor by court decision. 5. The use of donated property not in accordance with the purpose specified by the donor or changing this purpose in violation of the rules provided for in paragraph 4 of this article entitles the donor, his heirs or other assignee to demand the cancellation of the donation. 6. Articles 578 and 581 of this Code do not apply to donations.

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