Article 713. Performance of work using the customer’s material.

1. The contractor is obliged to use the material provided by the customer economically and prudently, after completion of the work, submit to the customer a report on the consumption of material, and also return its balance or, with the consent of the customer, reduce the price of work, taking into account the cost of unused material remaining with the contractor 2. If the result of the work was not achieved or the achieved result turned out to be deficiencies that make it unsuitable for the use stipulated in the contract, and in the absence of a corresponding condition in the contract not suitable for normal use, for reasons caused by the defects of the material provided by the customer, the contractor has the right to demand payment for his work. 3. The contractor may exercise the right referred to in paragraph 2 of this article, if he proves that the defects in the material could not be detected by the contractor’s proper acceptance of this material.

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