Article 769. Contracts for the performance of scientific research, development, and technological work.

1. Under the contract for the implementation of research and development work, the contractor undertakes to carry out scientific research due to the technical task of the customer, and under the contract for the execution of developmental and technological works, develop a sample of a new product, design documentation for it or a new technology, and the customer undertakes to accept the work and pay it. 2. The contract with the contractor may cover both the entire cycle of research, development and production of samples, as well as its individual stages (elements). 3. Unless otherwise provided by law or contract, the risk of the accidental impossibility of executing contracts for performing research and development, developmental and technological works shall be borne by the customer. 4. The terms of contracts for the implementation of research, development and technological work must comply with laws and other legal acts on exclusive rights (intellectual property).

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