Article 835. The right to attract funds in deposits.

1. Banks have the right to attract funds in deposits, to which such a right is granted in accordance with a permit (license) issued in accordance with the procedure established in accordance with the law. 2. In the event a deposit is accepted from a citizen by a person who does not have the right to do so, or in violation of the procedure established by law or bank rules adopted in accordance with it, the depositor may demand the immediate return of the deposit amount as well as payment of interest on it provided for in Article 395 of this Code, and reimbursement in excess of the amount of the percentage of all losses incurred by the depositor. If such a person is accepted on the terms of a bank deposit agreement by a legal entity, such agreement is void (Article 168). 3. Unless otherwise provided by law, the consequences provided for by paragraph 2 of this article shall also apply in the following cases: attracting money from citizens and legal entities through the sale of shares and other securities, the issue of which is recognized as illegal; attracting citizens' funds in deposits of bills of exchange or other securities, excluding the receipt of deposit by their holders on demand and the exercise by the investor of other rights provided for by the rules of this chapter.

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