Article 838. Interest on contributions.

1. The bank pays the investor interest on the amount of the deposit in the amount determined by the bank deposit agreement. If there is no provision in the contract on the amount of interest paid, the bank is obliged to pay interest in the amount determined in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 809 of this Code. 2. Unless otherwise provided by the bank deposit agreement, the bank is entitled to change the amount of interest paid on demand deposits. In the event of a decrease in the interest rate by the bank, the new interest rate is applied to deposits made before the message to the depositors about the interest reduction, after one month from the date of the respective message, unless otherwise provided by the contract. 3. The amount of interest determined by a bank deposit agreement on a deposit made by a citizen on the terms of its issuance after a certain period of time or upon the occurrence of circumstances stipulated by the contract cannot be unilaterally reduced by the bank, unless otherwise provided by law. Under a contract of such bank deposit, concluded by a bank with a legal entity, the amount of interest cannot be unilaterally changed, unless otherwise provided by law or contract.

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